D-Mannose, the natural remedy for Urinary Tract Infections and Cystitis. Free Package and Postage on all orders over £20.

D-Mannose Powder and Tablets. The natural remedy for Urinary Tract Infections and Cystitis.Free postage and packaging at our online storeD Mannose from AOR is a natural substance found to cure Cystitis and Urinary Tract Infections. D Mannose is a simple carbohydrate sugar similar in structure to glucose.

When bladder infections occur, the bacteria E-coli is found in the bladder and urinary tract - where it doesn't belong. Furthermore, this bacteria has adhesion molecules (lectins) which allow it to cling to the lining of the urinary tract, making infections persistent. Some clinical experience suggests that supplemental D-mannose acts as a molecular "chaff" to which the bacteria bind instead of to the urinary tract lining.

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